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IT Support and Installation

So you have a few boxes of the latest software, now what?  Do you sit there for 10 hours installing, wondering, wishing you were at that great new coffee shop on Redchurch Street? Don’t get us wrong, that coffee shop is amazing but we love technology and you love coffee – the answer is simple really.

We’re equally comfortable supporting your existing equipment or installing and managing new equipment, we have formal and casual support agreements. Also our motto is “preventive”, so our clients enjoy much less downtime due to our preventive support program which keeps your PC or Mac and network in tip top condition for longer.

We’re based in London and so are our clients so we can attend to your issues quickly.  We have advance remote connection ability so as long as your sick computer can still connect to the Internet we can fix things even quicker – it’s like teleporting but better. But if it can’t we can respond with a trained technician to visit your office quickly.