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Procurement of Software and Hardware

We’ve joined with some of the leading suppliers of technology to be able to bring you great deals at a great price.  And because we’re human (and we love to search) you can tell us what you need and we’ll give you a few plain English options to choose from based on the information you supply us.

  • We can supply your printer toner or ink, a network cable or two, new computers and screens, iPhones or Blackberries.
  • Replacement hardware for a duff computer
  • Upgrade or supply new software (because no one loves Windows Vista)
  • Fancy a wireless network you can actually connect to?  We can supply and install that too

Don’t forget we can also fit and kit a whole office, give us a blank canvas to design you a masterpiece (OK that is getting a little geeky now)

If it’s on the market then we can supply it – that’s our guarantee to you.  But most of all we make sure it is what you actually need.