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Supply, Installation and Running of Email and Telecoms Systems
So what’s the point in having a stylish website, smooth and secure computer system and an office that runs like clockwork if you can’t talk to clients? That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you communicate:

  • Affordable single or multi office telephone systems which can transfer, take messages (and play hold music) and a whole lot more of course!
  • Power cloud based email systems to link all your computers and phones with email and calendar synchronising Email management, loads of storage and a 99.9% up time guarantee
  • Supply of non-geographical numbers like 0800 and 0845 numbers you can keep for life
  • Voicemail services
  • Virtual fax services (who really needs a fax machine now days anyway?!)
  • Email marketing systems

If there’s anything you don’t see on the list that you need help with, give Create IT a call. Chances are that we’ll be happy to help you (or that we forgot to add it and need a timely reminder).

Get in touch now from the contact page, and we’ll get a meeting arranged as quickly as possible